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Name of the teacher: Deepthi VG                  Subject: English
Name of the school :St.Mary’s CGHSS         Unit : I
Standard         :   IX              
Date                :                                              
 Strength:                                                       Lesson:  A Shattered Dreams
                                                                                     (Para 1-2)
Duration          :40 mts                                               (Non detailed Prose)
Content Generation
Ideational Content: ‘ A Shattered Dream’ is an anecdote from the life of Mr. Anil Kumar who had been afighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. He faced the challenges in his life with cheer even after a fatal accident. Anil Kumar recalls his experiences in the form of a narrative. This narrative highlights the importance of will power and determination.

Linguistic content :  vocabulary: anecdote, crash, wrench, cervical spine.
Additional content: Parallel narrative

Synthetic Content:  Profile Writing .

Curricular objectives
                            Gets sensitized to the  issue posed and responses to it.
                            Develops awareness about the importance of will power and dedication       to address real life isues.
                            Develops reference skills.
                            Listens  to  story with comprehension.
                            Reads and analyses the literary text and identifies the theme.
                            Learns new vocabulary
                            Prepares profile.
            Learner : Knows how to read write and understand English passage.
                            is familiar with the hardships faced by different people.
Instructional strategies
                        Individual work, group work, questioning, editing.
Learning aids
Text book,Charts, black board, flash card. OHP, Video Clipping, PP, (computer, projector)
Preparatory phase
Entry Activity    
After preliminary formalities teacher establishes  rapport with students by presenting a newspaper article.

Developmental Phase
 Presentation of the narration

              Teacher shows the picture of Sudha Chandran and asks the students to identify her.
Then she presents the narrative of Sudha Chandran’s life

           “Sudha  Chandran is a great dancer. She is a successful actress too. Once while she was returning from Tamil Nadu, she met  with an accident. As a result her right leg was amputated. She was disappointed initially. But she started to  dance with the help of an artificial leg. In 1984, she did the movie ‘Mayuri’. She won the special jury award at the National Award.”

             Teacher shows the video clipping of Sudha Chandran’s dance performance in the film ‘Mayuri’.


             Teacher introduces the author and provides the gist of the passage as follows:

            “Today we are going to learn  a similar story. M P Anil Kumar is the hero of tis story. He narrates his wn story of an accident which changed his life.”

Silent reading.
           Students  are asked  to read passage silently  with out lip movement.  They are asked to keep trackof their reading.

 Collaborate learning

            Teacher divides the whole class into groups and ask them to discuss what they understood

Scaffold learning 

          Teacher shows the picture flash cards  in PP to teach new words.
        Anecdote:     An anecdote is a short and amusing or      interesting story about a real incident or person.
       Crash    : to hit something very hard.
        Wrench: injure ( a part of  the body )  as a result of a sudden twisting movement.

       Cervical Spine: strong structure that begins from the skull and allows movement of the head in all direction.

        Teacher shows the flash cards to the students and asks them to find out the meaning.

Comprehension Questions
       Answer the following questions:
  1. What is the message that Anil Kumar is trying to convey?
  2. What  was his profession?
  3. What happened to him?

Teacher shows the picture of Anil Kumar in his paralyzed state as well as in Indian Army.

Model Reading

         Teacher reads the passage with correct stress, intonation, pause, accent   and   emotion.  

Creative Activity
 Preparation of  Discourse

        Students are  asked to construct a profile of Anil Kumar.      
        Teacher provides  hints to aid the  students.


M P Anil Kumar

Born:                1964, Chirayinkil, Trivandrum
1973 :                Entered the Sainik School at the age of 9.
1984:                Joined the Indian Air force as a fighter pilot.
28th June 1088: Met with an accident.
                          Accident wrenched  his neck and broke
                          his cervical spine which led to paralysis.

Presentation of Discourse

               Teacher calls the  students   at random to present the discourse  before the class.

Teachers version
               Teacher presents her own version:

M P Anil Kumar

M P Anil Kumar  was born in 1964 at Chirayinkal , Trivandrum. In 1973, he entered the Sainik School at the age of   9. He joined the Indian Air Force as a fighter piolot in 1984. He met with an accident on 28th June 1988. The accident wrenched his neck and broke his cervical spine which led to paralysis.

              Teacher initiates the editing process by correcting the group version selected at random.

Follow up
             The students are asked to write a letter to Anil Kumar appreciating his courage.

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