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Name of the teacher :  Sneha Joseph.                          Subject : English
Name of the School:  St. Mary’s C.G.H.S.                  Unit      : III
Std: VIII     Str: 14        Div: A                  As We Sow So Shall We Reap
Duration  :  45 min.                                      Lesson: In Search of our                                                                                                                                         Date        :  15-06-2013           Mother’s Gardens (First 8 lines)                                                                                                 
                                                                             Module: 5
Content Generation

Ideational Content
                                        : “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens” is a memoir by Alice Walker. It is a fond remembrance of Alice’s mother. The memoir gives us a true picture of a woman who put in herself to nourish the family.

Linguistic Content

Vocabulary Items : overall, canning, quilt, beside, besides, inquiry.
Structural Item: Past tense of verbs: wear, make, spend, labour, begin, get.
Literary form: Memoir.

Additional Content
Video clipping on mother and a discussion based on the topic
Synthetic Content

           A poem about mother.

Learning Objectives

The learner

1.      Analyzes the literary text and identify the theme of the passage.

2.      Gets acquainted with the new vocabulary given in the passage.

3.      Improves his/her writing skills by writing a poem on mother.

4.      Comprehends structural items in the passage like past tense.

5.      Develops his/her creativity through conversation, discussions  etc.

6.      Develops awareness on gender  issues.

7.       Appreciates the memoir.

8.       Appreciates the love and care of mother.

9.Understands the socio-cultural background of the Black people

10.     Develops right attitude towards gender issues .


The learner
  1. is familiar with the gender issues.

     2.      Has written poems on his/her own.

     3.      Is familiar with the use of past tense  in speech and writing.

Instructional Strategies

 Group work for collaborative reading,
 Individual work for writing poem,
 Peer correction
Concept Mapping
Question Answer

Learning Aids - Blackboard,
Picture  slides and word slides as a PowerPoint Presentation
Substitution table in a chart
Video clipping
LCD Projector

I.               Entry activity
The teacher creates rapport with the students by engaging in informal conversation.  The teacher asks some questions in order to introduce the topic.

How are you students?
Whom do you love the most in this world?
Why mother?
Would you please share the reason why you love your mother the most?
Teacher shows a video clipping on the roles of a mother in the family.
§  List out the chores  your mom used to do   for you and your family.

Students engaged in group discussion.
Now let us see a memoir written by Alice Walker about her mother titled “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens”.
Do you know what a memoir is?
      A memoir is a prose passage in which one can share one’s personal  experiences (Biography),
     or about people who are close to them like relatives or friends
(Shows this definition in a PowerPoint slide.)

The teacher shows the picture of the author and gives a brief description about her.  The author’s name is Alice Walker.
The teacher uses the blackboard for writing the name of the lesson and the author.

II. Reading
Model Reading
 The teacher reads the passage giving special attention to correct pronunciation, voice modulation, pause and understanding.
 reads the story loudly to the students.
Individual reading
The teacher asks the students  to read the first eight lines of the memoir without lip movement. They are asked to mark the difficult words.
Collaborative Reading
The teacher divides the students into groups and asks them to read the passage.  They are asked to put a (  ) mark if they have understood, a (?) mark if they do not and an (!) mark if they find anything surprising or interesting. Students are asked to discuss the difficult words and ideas among themselves and clarify their doubts.
  The teacher helps the students to clarify the meaning of new words/usages.
The teacher then asks the students to highlight the important ideas in the passage.
Who were the occupants of the railway carriage?
Why did the aunt shout at Cyril?
       What did the boy see on looking out of the window?
 Scaffolded Reading
The teacher further asks scaffolding questions in order to provide an in depth idea about the passage.
1.        I.   Teacher familiarizes the meanings of difficult words with the help word slides and suitable picture slides.
Overalls (n) - a loose coat worn over other clothes to protect them from dirt etc.
“The mechanic was wearing a pair of blue overalls.”
Teacher shows real overalls.
Can (v)- to preserve food in cans/tins
“A factory was set up to can edible fruits.”
Teacher shows a real food container or can.
Quilt – a decorative cover for a bed, made of two layers   with soft material between them
Teacher shows a video clipping of quilt making.
 Beside – by the side of, next to.
Teacher gives a situation by showing two students who sit next to each other.
Besides – in addition to.
Teacher shows a sketch pen, marker pen and a glitter pen, and says “Besides a sketch pen I have a marker pen and a glitter pen.”
 Inquiry – ask questions.
Teacher familiarizes the meaning by giving a situation.
“Rani’s friends made inquiries about her London trip.”
To interrupt –  To break continuity
Teacher shows a picture.
   II.    Past tense of certain verbs are familiarized with the help of a substitution table
Present Tense
Past Tense

  III . Students are asked to complete the concept map on the board listing out what Alice Walker’s mother did during various times.
IV. Comprehension Question.
Ø ‘She laboured beside- not behind my father in the fields.’ What does   this suggest?
III. Preparation of Discourse
Write a poem on mother .
The students are asked to prepare the discourse individually.  They are then expected to discuss their discourses in groups and to select the best product of the group.  After this, they refine the product within their groups.

Presentation of the Discourse
The students present their refined discourses before their peers.
The teacher helps the students to edit their discourses.  The students discuss about the ideas to be incorporated in the discourse as well as aspects like thematic editing, syntactic editing, morphological editing, spelling and punctuation errors.
Presentation of Teacher’s Version
The teacher presents her own version of the discourse.
    “God could not be  everywhere,
So he created mothers”
 Best friends forever mom and me
Picking flowers and climbing trees
   A shoulder  to cry in secrets to share
        Warm hearts and   hands that really care

Follow-up activity
         Students are given home assignment to prepare a Greeting Card for Mother’s Day.

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