Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to the B Ed Programme

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Course Outline

Welcome to our English Optional Class!
Number of Semesters :2

Unit-1:English in India
Unit-2:English Language Teacher and the Learner
Unit-3:Aims and Objectives
Unit-4:Challenges in Teaching and Learning English
Unit-5:Language Skills
Unit-6:Vocabulary and Grammar
Unit-7:English Curriculum

Unit-1:Principles of learning a language
Unit-2:Approaches and methods in language teaching
Unit-3:Development of teacher competency
Unit-4:Developing study skills
Unit-5:Models of teaching
Unit-6:Instructional aids and strategies
Unit-7:Trends in Evaluation

Module-1-1)Pedagogic Analysis 2)Content Analysis 3)Unit Plan 4)Lesson plan 5)Different Types of lesson plans
Module2-1.Discourse Oriented Pedagogy
Module3-1) Unit Test 2) Diagnostic Test and Remedial Teaching.
Module -4-1)Phonology, 2)Morphology, 3) Syntax, 4)Semantics 5)Graphics
Module -5-Content Analysis of the Issue based Curriculum.

1)Pedagogic Analysis 2)Content Analysis 3)Unit Plan 4)Lesson plan 5)Micro Teaching 6) Modals of Teaching 7)Discussion lesson plan 8)Observation Lessons 9) Criticism Lessons 10) Preparation of resources, 11) Peer Teaching/simulation 11) Unit Test 12) Diagnostic Test and Remedial Teaching

: Preparation and Evaluation of : 1)Block Teaching Record 2) Unit Plan 3)Achievement Test 4) Teaching Aids 5)Project