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Model Teaching Manual

 Model Teaching Manual

Name of the teacher:                    Unit    : 3 – Seeds and Deeds
Name of the school:Sub-unit: Story –‘The Light on the Hills’ (Paragraphs 1&2)
Subject                        :  English
Standard                     :  8
Strength                      :
Duration                      : 40 minutes
Date                             :
Theme: Dedication
Sub-themes: Dedication brings success and happiness; power of nature.
Ideational Content: The passage tells us about a boy who wanted to paint a beautiful picture. His little sister reminds him to do his work with dedication and honesty, so that people would be impressed by his work.
Linguistic Content:
Vocabulary items; wondering /phonetic script/,  dedication /   /, honesty/  /, rested / /, glimmering /  /, rustling /  /, rippling /  /.
Grammatical items: Use of prefixes and suffixes  -dedication- ion, honesty –y, rustling – ing
Synthetic Content: The students are to use the describing words and prepare a description.
Learning Outcomes: The learner:
-Reads, comprehends and analyses the story.
-Engages in activities like discussion on hobbies etc.
-Follows the instructions given by the teacher during collaborative reading.
-Involves in interactive sessions led by the teacher.
-Makes presentations in the class related to the discourse ,e.g. description.
Pre-requisites: Learners are familiar with hobbies.
Instructional Strategies: Group/pair work, discussions, questioning
Learning aids: Pictures, charts

PROCESS                                                                                                        RESPONSE
1.       Entry to the lesson:
General discussion of the picture or theme given in the lesson. Group or individual task as the teacher plans. A brief introduction to the lesson is given by the teacher without revealing details or causing loss to the element of curiosity. The title and name of author is written on the board.
2.  Process Reading:
a. Individual Reading:  Students are asked to read the passage specified, including the details of the writer provided in the text. Just as a note-making task, they are guided to mention their understanding of each paragraph selected in the manner that the teacher feels appropriate.

b. Collaborative Reading: Students are asked to share their ideas in groups or pairs. Teacher monitors their progress and ensures that they participate and take down things in their notebooks. This would include documenting the words that they have discussed by referring to the glossary or dictionary.Members are selected at random to present their findings or what they have understood. Major ideas are noted on a chart and the same is written down by students.

c. Loud Reading by the teacher:
Teacher reads the passages selected and asks a few global questions.

d. Loud Reading by the students: A few students are selected to read the passages aloud.

e. Scaffolding Reading: Teacher asks textual questions. And in groups that cater to the needs of the slow learners too, students are asked to give descriptions. Each point to be included, is brought out through interaction with the teacher and students. The teacher asks the pupils to prepare a description of a familiar person using describing words. The learners write the descriptions individually.A discussion ensues. The learners then sit in groups to write the description in the light of the discussion.
The teacher familiarizes the students with the indicators of a good description.
3. Presentation of group task& Editing: Students from each group gets the chance to present their product. With the assistance of the teacher, the students refine their written or oral presentation with focus on the vividness of the description, appropriateness, cohesiveness and variety of describing words used.
4. Teacher’s Version: Teacher presents her version of the description.

5. Follow-up: .Teacher asks the students to complete the textual exercises. 

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