Thursday, August 27, 2015

Demonstration Lesson Plan IV


Name of the teacher:Mahima Roselin Varghese Subject: English
Name of the school :St.Mary’s CGHSS              Topic: Non detailed Prose
Standard         :   IX              
Date                :                                              
 Strength          :  20/20                      Lesson: With the Photographer (Para 1-2)                                                                                      
Duration          : 40 mt                                          

Content Generation
Ideational Content:
 This is an article written by Stephen Leacock which describes his experiences with a photographer. The author  goes to a studio to get his photograph taken but the photographer responds with out enthusiasm and behaves very coldly and makes him wait for an hour as if the author has disturbed his privacy.
Linguistic Content :
 Vocabulary Items: enthusiasm, unwarrantable, drooping, pursuit
Structural Item: Adjectives                
Additional Content: Video clipping from the movie ‘Vadakkunokki yantram’ The scene where the couple gets ready to take the photograph is funny and very well connected to the theme
Synthetic Content:
Conversation  between the child and the photographer in the studio.
Curricular objectives
Reads and analyses the literary text and identifies the theme.
Gets sensitized to the  issues posed and responses to it.
Develops reference skills.
 Listens  to  story with comprehension.
 Gets acquainted with the  new vocabulary given.
Develops creativity through writing  conversations.
Identifies different kinds of adjectives.
            Learner : Knows how to read write and comprehend  English passage.
                            Has experience with taking or getting  a photograph taken in a studio.
                            Has written conversations
                            Is familiar with nouns
Instructional strategies
                        Individual work, group work, questioning, editing.
Learning aids
Text book, Charts, black board, placards, puzzle board, activity charts, activity cards, flash card. OHP, Video Clipping, PP, (computer, projector)


I.                   Entry activity
The teacher creates rapport with the students by engaging in informal conversation. 
Teacher plays the movie clip from ‘Vadakkunokkiyanthram’, followed by a small discussion. The teacher initiates the discussion by asking the following questions:
Did you enjoy the clip?
What is this scene about ?
Have you ever been to a studio?
What is the photographer doing here?
Do you think it is important to give instructions on how to stand before a camera? Why?
             Teacher introduces the story to the students by writing the title and author’s name on the blackboard. She provides the gist of the passage by saying that the story ‘With the Photographer’ by Stephen Leacock narrates the experience of the author with a photographer. The photographer responded with out enthusiasm and was cold in his behavior. He also made the author wait for an hour as if he intruded his privacy or busy work.
Teacher shows a portrait of Stephen Leacock and gives a brief description of the author. “ Stephen Leacock was born in 1869 in England and was educated in Canada. His earliest writings were on Economics and Canadian history ‘With the Photographer’ is taken from ‘Behind the Beyond’. It is typical of Leacock’s humour and irony.
II. Reading
Model Reading
The teacher reads the story loudly to the students.
Individual reading
The teacher asks the students to read the story on their own.
Collaborative Reading
The teacher divides the students into groups and asks them to read the passage.  They are asked to put a ( ü ) mark if they have understood, a ( ? ) mark if they do not and an (!) mark if they find anything surprising or interesting. 
The teacher asks  the students to discuss  the meaning of new words/usages in the passage. The teacher presents the new words in meaningful situations.
*enthusiasm /enthusiasm/ - intense enjoyment
*unwarrantable- unjustifiable
*pursuit/ -an activity or action  of a specified kind
*drooping-bend or hang down wards
Teacher shows the picture slides in   PP to teach new words and asks them to find out the meaning.
The teacher then asks some comprehension questions to the students to highlight the important ideas in the passage.
What is the title of the story?
Who is the author?
What was his need?
How did the photographer respond?
How is the photographer described?
Scaffolded Reading
The teacher further asks scaffolding questions in the form of a quiz  in order to provide an in depth idea about the passage.  
How long did the author wait?
Name the journals that were kept for the customers? Were they interesting?
How did the author spent his time waiting for the photographer?
How did the author feel?
Do you think that the photographer behaved properly? Why?
Do you think that the author will go back to the same studio next time? Why?
Teacher introduces the structure Adjective by writing on the blackboard.She then initiates a game called ‘Run, Read, Remember, Write’ to introduce the concept of adjectives.
Teacher then  guides them through the kinds of adjectives and gives a puzzle board to give them further understanding.  
Teacher asks the students to point out some examples of  describing words  in the passage. From the way they are used  the words are defined as describing  words or adjectives. The teacher explains how adjectives can be formed from nouns, verbs and other adjectives.
 Preparation of  Discourse
        Students are  asked to write an imaginary conversation between them and the photographer. Teacher provides  hints to aid the  students. The students are asked to prepare the discourse individually.  They are then expected to discuss their discourses in groups and to select the best product of the group.  After this, they refine the product within their groups.

III. Preparation of Discourse
               Teacher calls the  students   at random to present the discourse  before the class.
              Teacher initiates the editing process by correcting the group version selected at random.
The students discuss about the ideas to be incorporated in the discourse as well as aspects like thematic editing, syntactic editing, morphological editing, spelling and punctuation errors.
Presentation of Teacher’s Version
The teacher presents her own version of the discourse.

Photographer:   Good Afternoon Sir,
Miad:                Good Afternoon
Photographer : What can I do for you?
Miad:              I’d like to have my passport size photo taken.
Photographer: Colour?
Miad:              Yes
 Photographer: Well, Would you like to look at yourself in                 a mirror? The dressing room is over there.
Miad:           Thank you.
(Photo is taken)
 Miad:           Now can I have it on Monday?
Photographer: Of course.
Miad:    How much it costs? 

Photographer : Sixty rupees
Miad:              Here you are.     
 Photographer: Thank you so much! 
Miad:             Welcome!

Follow-up activity     
             The students are asked to complete  a concept map describing the photographer in the passage using adjectives.