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Demonstration Lesson Plan III


Name of the teacher: Mary Simi                      Unit:1,Root, Poem: A Sea of Foliage
Name of the School :St.Marys Ernakulam       Sub-unit       : Stanzas-1
Subject                     : English                                                                       
Standard                 :  XI
Strength                 :   39/40                          
Duration                 :   45 minutes
Date                       : 17-8-2015

Content Generation
Ideational Content
“A Sea of Foliage” is a sonnet written by Toru Dutt.It describes her spacious garden home-Baugmaree.She sys that her garden is surrounded by a variety of vegetation  of different colours. She describes the different kinds of trees, especially  the seemuls, that surprises her like a trumpet’s sound.
Linguistic Content
Vocabulary items: foliage, girds, abound, lean
Aesthetic   items: Poetic devices like:  rhyming words, Figures of speech, Imagery,
Additional Content
1. Video clipping of the  beautiful gardens.
Synthetic Content
Writing a paragraph  about a garden.
Learning Objectives
The learner:
  1. Analyzes the literary text and identify the theme of the poem.
  2. Gets acquainted with the new vocabulary given in the poem.
  3. Improves his/her literary skills and creative writing skills.
  4. Appreciates the aesthetic aspects like  rhyming words and  imagery.
  5. Develops his/her creativity through writing paragraphs.
  6. Appreciates the nature  and develops love of nature.
The learner:
  1. Has seen beautiful gardens.
  2. Has written narratives   on his/her own.
  3. Is familiar with poetic devices like imagery. .
Instructional Strategies
            Group work for collaborative reading, individual work for  poetry  writing,   recitation , peer correction
Learning Aids
PowerPoint Presentation, Blackboard, flashcards, charts, pictures, video clipping.

I.                   Entry activity
Teacher creates rapport with the students by engaging in informal conversation.  Teacher asks some questions in order to introduce the topic.
Do you like flowers?
Look at the picture album and identify the flowers.
(Shows a  digital picture album)
Have you got gardens in your home?
What all plants are there?

Teacher introduces the poem as follows:  Today we will learn  a beautiful poem, written by Toru Dutt. The title of the poem is ‘A Sea of Foliage’.

Teacher shows the picture of the author and gives a brief description about her.
Toru Dutt was born in 1856 in Rambagan, Kolkata. She is one of India’s earliest women writers. Part of her education was in England and France.Much of her short life was spent in two spacious garden homes- Rambagan and Bangmaree in West Bengal.
Teacher shows a  chart with the title of the poem and the author details.

The teacher mentions the gist of the poem as follows: ‘A Sea of Foliage’ is a sonnet that describes bangmaree.
The word  ‘sonnet’ comes from the Italian word ‘sonetto’ meaning ‘little song’.
In her poem she compares her the greenery surrounding her family garden with the sea.  While the sea has an unchanging  green colour, her garden is filled with different shades of green. A contrast is found in the red flowers of the seemuls which takes one by surprise first like the sound of the trumpet.

II. Reading
Model Reading
The teacher reads the poem  loudly  with proper stress, intonation, voice modulation, rhythm and tone.
Individual reading
The teacher asks the students to read the poem silently.
Collaborative Reading
The teacher divides the students into groups and asks them to read the passage.  They are asked to put a ( ü ) mark if they have understood, a ( ? ) mark if they do not and an (!) mark if they find anything surprising or interesting.
                 The teacher helps the students to clarify the meaning of new words/usages.
Teacher introduces the new words as follows:
*foliage-/f  / vegetation
  shows pictures).  ‘foliage’ means ‘vegetation’.
*abound-/      / large number.
*amid-/        /  in the middle.
How many of  you know the song ‘Lead kindly light, amid  encircling gloom’. Here the poet is surrounded by darkness. The word ‘amid means ‘surrounded by’. (shows picture flash card.).

            Teacher then asks the students to highlight the important ideas of the poem.
What is the name of the lesson?
What is the poem about?
Whose garden does the poetess describe?
Who is the author of the poem?

Scaffolded  Reading
Teacher further asks scaffolding questions in order to provide an in depth idea about the poem.
How is palms described?
What leans over the pool?
Imagery: Teacher introduces the imagery as follows:
What are the word pictures used in the poem?
What do you call these word pictures? These word picture are called  images .(Shows the chart)
List the images in the poem.
Classify these  images in to  visual, auditory, tactile, as they appeal to different sense organs.
Rhyming Words: Teacher introduces the rhyming words as follows:
(Shows a picture chart with the rhyme
‘Twinkle twinkle little star
How  I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.
Look at the ending  words of each line. Are they sound same?
They are rhyming words.
Rhyming Words:
 Repetition of similar sounds in two or more words most often in the end of each line of a poem.
Bottle –fiddle
While  - mile

III. Preparation of Discourse
Write a paragraph  about your garden.
The students are asked to prepare the discourse individually.  They are then asked to discuss their discourses in groups and to select the best product of the group.  After this, they refine the product within their groups.

Presentation of the Discourse
The students present their refined discourses before their peers.
Teacher helps the students to edit their discourses.  The students discuss about the ideas to be incorporated in the discourse as well as aspects like thematic editing, syntactic editing, morphological editing, and spelling and punctuation errors.
Presentation of Teacher’s Version
The teacher presents her own version of the discourse.

My Garden!
I have a beautiful garden of my own. My garden abounds with variety of flowers of different colours and sizes. The major attraction is the different kinds of roses. Every morning I water my plants. The fragrance of flowers refreshes my home. I could see different kinds of butterflies coming to suck nectar from the flowers. I love my garden very much!

Follow-up activity
Write a poem on nature.


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